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largest country
Largest Country
  • Russia Is One of the Largest Country in the World

Russia is the largest country in the world with a total population of around 147 million.

  • Facility and Advancement in the Field of Education

The country is known for its educational facility and advancement in the field of education.

  • Russia Is Leading by a Higher Margin Universities in the World

If we talk about the medical field than Russia in terms of medical education as well is leading by a higher margin as out of the top 100 medical universities in the world, 30 of them are in Russia according to data by Directory of Medical Schools.

  • Finest Doctors in the World since the Soviet Era

The country is known to produce some of the finest doctors in the world since the Soviet era.

  • Excellent Educational System of the Country

On top of the excellent educational system of the country, Russia also provides a lot of rebates and scholarships to the students.

  • Russia Is Foremost Choice While Planning to Pursue MBBS

Indian medical aspirants consider Russia as their foremost choice when they are planning to pursue MBBS in any other country other than India.

  • Quality Education and the Affordable Tuition Fee Structure

One of the major reasons behind that is the quality education and the affordable tuition fee structure of the universities of Russia.

  • Highly Subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Education

Also, the fees of study MBSB in Russia for Indian students are highly subsidized by the Ministry of Health and Education of the Russian Federation.

  • Medical Institutions Approved by MCI and WHO

The major medical schools of Russia are approved by medical institutions across the world such as the MCI (Medical Council of India), the (World Health Organization), and many others.

  • Degree of Russian Universities Accepted Globally

The degrees gained by MBBS in Kazan Federal University (KFU) of Russia are accepted globally and students are free to practice their medical degree in any country after clearing the screening test for that country.

  • Excellent Infrastructure Facilities and Subsidized Fees

The universities do not just offer excellent infrastructure facilities and subsidized fees for the students, the students.

  • Get Medical Insurance in the Universities

Also, get medical insurance in the universities for all the courses, and that acts as a cherry on the cake for the students.

  • Universities Teach Course in the English Language

All the major the MCI (Medical Council of India) approved universities in Russia teach in the English language.

  • Students also learn the Russian Language During the Course

However, the students are also taught the Russian language at the time of their medical course.

  • Take a Part in Training and Internship in the Hospitals

So that they can communicate with the local people at the time of their training and internship in the hospitals.

  • Duration of the Medical Course in Russia

The total duration of the medical course in Russia is 6 years (5 Years + 1 Year) including the internship period.

  • Student-Teacher Ratio Is Extremely Healthy in Russia

The student-teacher ratio is extremely healthy and ranges around 7:1 approximately in the majority of medical schools.

  • Ensure Extra Focus Is Given to the Students

This is done to ensure the extra focus is given to the students and the overall development.

  • Theoretical Part of the Medical Course

The focus is not only given on the theoretical part of the medical course but also on the clinical training part.

  • Latest Medical Advancements and Requirements

The students to make them aware of the latest medical advancements and requirements.

  • Medical Internship in the Best Government Hospitals

The students get to pursue their medical internship in the best government hospitals in Russia under the guidance of some of the most experienced and best doctors in the country.

  • Amongst the Top Choice to Study MBBS

Russia is amongst the top choice to study MBBS for Indian students.

  • Facilities of Fully Furnished Hostels on the Campus

The Kazan Federal University (KFU) provides facilities of fully furnished hostels on the campus with all the necessary amenities provided to the students.

  • Security Is Properly Taken Care of Inside

The security is properly taken care of inside the hostels.

  • Equipped with all the Modern Equipment and Amenities

The laboratories of the Kazan Federal University (KFU) are equipped with all the modern equipment and amenities to make the students understand new technology.

  • Provide Free Wi-Fi Facilities to the Students

Some universities provide free Wi-Fi facilities to the students in not just the Kazan Federal University (KFU) campus but also in the hostel area as well.

  • Regular Sports Tournaments Organized by the Universities

The Kazan Federal University (KFU) also focuses on the sports activities of the students as regular sports tournaments are organized by the universities.

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